Unfair competition law is playing an increasingly important role in the economy. Some acts may not only be unethical but outrightly break the law or rules of decency, and may compromise the interests of businesses or clients. This makes legal actions helping avoid or prevent any previous or future infringement of fair competition rules vital.

Typical infringements of fair competition rules include, without limitation, misappropriation of reputation, infringement of commercial secret, unfair or forbidden advertising, spreading false information, copying of products, misleading identification of goods or services, persuading into termination or non-performance of any agreement, preventing market entry, pyramid selling schemes.

Our Firm is specialised in pursuing civil and criminal law claims of businesses in litigation. We also attend mediation and conciliation meetings which help reach an amicable resolution of any legal disputes.

We draft, analyse, and advise on any agreements or documents concerning legal protection against acts of unfair competition.

We devise reasonable strategies, deeply rooted in the market, to prevent any acts of unfair competition.

We also review our corporate clients? business activities for any infringements of fair competition.


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