Patented inventions give businesses and inventors means to protect an innovative technical solution used, without limitation, in any product, process (method), device, system of devices, or a chemical compound. The patent holder is granted exclusive right to use this solution in the specified territory. Patents are also important assets of any business unit.
Our Law Firm helps the clients to obtain and retain protection for their inventions in Poland and abroad. Without a patent protection, you risk having your invention copied, or even patented, by your competitors.
For a technical solution to be recognised as a patented invention, it must be patentable.
There are three main patentability criteria: novelty, inventive step, and industrial application.
Checking whether any idea or technical solution meets the above criteria is a complex procedure, requiring thorough research and review of the previously known solutions. Patent examination is the key stage of preparing a patent application. It establishes state of the art or state of knowledge which serves as a reference for the examined solution, and any possible directions for development of this solution. Members of our Law Firm have a long history of conducting patent examinations.
We apply for registration of inventions in Poland, to the Polish Patent Office, and abroad, specifically to the European Patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva.
We also handle litigation on infringements of patents at any courts of any instance.


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