Industrial designs protect visual (non-functional) characteristics of products. For instance, if the tread of a sports shoe has some utility purposes, then its unique design may be registered as an industrial design. The design can be a novel and unique form of a creation (product).

Products competing on the market at least partially based on their ornamental or aesthetic aspect are particularly fit for protection as industrial designs. Such products include: jewellery, clothing, home electronics, as well as bottles or house appliances.

We apply for registration of industrial designs in Poland, to the Polish Patent Office, and abroad, specifically to the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante and the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, and handle disputes before these institutions.

We conduct searches of industrial designs in databases in both Poland and worldwide.

We also handle litigation concerning infringement of industrial design rights at courts of common jurisdiction, at the 22nd Division for EU Trade Marks and Community Designs in Warsaw, customs and tax offices, and handle arbitration proceedings.


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